You Got the Juice Now!

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You Got the Juice Now! I was sitting at my computer on a normal day, just doing what I do. I’ve received a email stating, You Got the Juice. I thought to myself”HuH! Then a few minutes later a couple people DM me and said that same thing.“You Got the Juice”!

Right then and there, I ran to my source.

Before I did my research, I had to run to my local store Safeway. People was sharing and looking at me so crazy. As I approach the dairy department to pick up some milk; walking threw the ales, a little boy started to point at me “ there she goes”.
I thought at myself,”What is he talking about?” As I approach the grocery line to check out; a short like woman say “ Hey London! You got the Juice Now”

Is this true? I asked me manager, why are people coming up to me,

My manager Kim, say yes in do have the juice in fact you put on such a great show in San Diego was a great show and the one after… you got the city love and you got the juice now

Now that you got the juice,” now what are you going to do with it?

I will be a voice for people that don’t have a voice. I’m rap about what people don’t talk about no more. I use my mic like a gun and shoot out knowledge and positive message.

What about your hood fans? I got something for them too and make them also think and still keep it hood.

Kim I think I really got the juice that they city been talk about,
I think it’s time for a new time, I make money for the people that wake and for the ones that not I’m opening their eyes.

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