Game Night/Open Mic


                                                        As the host and organizer of a recent game night and open mic event, I am thrilled to report that it was a huge success! The night […]


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I grew up in Oakland California, 45th street in high street to be exact. The atmosphere very street, very hood. My mother’s family, my mother and her siblings and I lived together. I grew up with a bunch of teenagers. It’s was in the late 80’s and early 90’s, so we had a lot of […]

You Got the Juice Now!

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You Got the Juice Now! I was sitting at my computer on a normal day, just doing what I do. I’ve received a email stating, You Got the Juice. I thought to myself”HuH! Then a few minutes later a couple people DM me and said that same thing.“You Got the Juice”! Right then and there, […]