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I grew up in Oakland California, 45th street in high street to be exact. The atmosphere very street, very hood. My mother’s family, my mother and her siblings and I lived together. I grew up with a bunch of teenagers. It’s was in the late 80’s and early 90’s, so we had a lot of kid and play dances, In living colors and soul train. Our local celibate was Too Short, he was rapper god to the people in the Bay Area. My aunties use to have me recite his songs, even though he had a lot of bad degrading lyrics. I didn’t know all the was going on in his music. All I knew, I was rapping and having fun. I learned every word along with every beat.

Fast forward, a year later, Brenda Got A Baby by Tupac came out and the first time I seen the video was amazing. I was just a baby at the time about 5 or 6 year old and I can relate to the song. I had some many questions about Brenda and how she was only 12 year having a baby. When I saw that video, I knew right there that I wanted to be a rapper. An artist with a message, a storyteller, I truly admire Tupac and I felt like he was the best rapper and I still do feel that way.

Fast forward to 18, I sent my single to a local radio station and win the completion. when I won, I had a chance to perform with the king of comedy, and mc hammer. when I knew I with performing for Mc hammer I was juiced. I felt like I made it, at the time I felt that was all I had to do. the night of the show, I was so nervous. I had a 30min set,And I was very nervous. I did a great show and performance. I ran out to the backstage and going back and forward watching the other acts, cheering and clipping  at every one shows. I looked back and there was MC Hammer handing out Signing autographs. Mr. Hammer look at me and waved his hand. That was the moment in my life I felt unreal. Fast forward to now I had performance  in front of more than 50,000 people. I have open up for national artist like Drake E40, YG and more. The bridge is my album and I think you will really enjoy it. If you like storytelling and real word play you will like it. If you like 2pac and DMX then you will like it!

Click here to listen to my album “The Bridge”.



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