London The Rapper

Hailing from the Northern side of California, London Sade aka London Da Rapper as she’s known in the music industry, is a Rapper, music producer and a wellaccomplished songwriter. Born in the aftermath of the Oakland’s Civil Unrest her music is fueled by her upbringing and the community all around her. She is a giver to the community and a well wisher for the youth. She released her first self-produced songs throughout her career and is continuing to do so till date. She is currently in the studios, working on her second album, called “Belly”. 

London D Rapper’s personality shines throughout her creative work.She is hard working and industious which helped through the rough times she had to face as a child. Her music is a reflection of what reality is and what how this world functions. She creates meaningful hip hop music. London has a unique sound and most of her songs have a common theme and show technics of great storytelling. Her songs focus on some important real life dillemas, they include Struggle, Sad, Happy, Emotional and somewhat complicated stories that people will find relatable in one aspect or another. The barebones of a community and neighborhoods, the functions and working mechanisms are aparent in her words and witty lyrics.

London began her journey in to music at the age of 4when she got her introduction to Hip Hop in Northern California. In 2006, being the naturally gifted musician she is, London won a radio show in Stockton, California. The win jump started her career, whish led to later on her opening for artists she looked up to and performing on the same stage as them gave her so much experience to move forward with, excel as an artist and lead her to put a mark in the hall of fame.London got to open for artists such as Drake, YG, E40 and many more. She got to open for the Kings of Comedy for Oaklands legend MC Hammer, where she performed her hit single “Life so hard” from her “Bridges” album. This album paved her path to perform at “The National Convention“, NAACP loved her album and invited her to perform at this prestigious event. NAACP loved her style of music and absolutely adorred how she delivered her innovative lyrics and incorporate it to convey a message of positivity. She is a “Positive Rapper”.

London The Rapper’s single “Life so hard” is one of her hit tracks with a lot of streams on different digital platforms, such as Spotify and Youtube.The views on Youtube are very overwhelming and so are the Streams on Spotify. The song transcends the struggle it takes to establish oneself as an accomplished person or a successful individual and the struggle it takes to reach the peak of success. She also talks about her surroundings and community, How It infulenced her and insiperd her to create and build her creative art through Hip Hop music. One of her other songs is “I want it all”. This song is a love song which isdedicated to a past relationship that has come to an end. She sends a message to her significant other about watching their back from the company they keep and warns them on how they could turn on them.. Her songs tell a lot of stories and each represents something and shines a new meaning. She is currently working on her second album, titled “Belly”.

London founded “Club Candy” in 2011 for the local teenagers, so that they could express their creativity and intellect as she was once one of them. Inspiring local youth to produce great music and creating songs that will send out appropriate messages is the main motive of Club Candy. Club Candy is a creative outlet for teenagers of Oakland and their escape from the negetivity of this life. Here they can focus on their passion and support their goals to become established artists in the industry.

In 2019, London The Rapper and a well known firm calledOxny Art Gallery teamed up and created the “Greatness At It’s Best Award Show” to encourage and excite the youth to be more expressive and creative in their own way and to appreciate and admire the works of art created by local young rising artists.

London is not just a Hip Hop artist; she is a hard worker, a giver and a motivational speaker. She is a positive Hip Hop artist and a proper role model to her community.